The Institute of Chemistry for Life and Health Sciences (i-CLeHS, CNRS CHIMIE PARISTECH – PSL UMR 8060) was born in 2018 with the ambition of creating an attractive nationally and internationally visible center of excellence for scientists working at the interface between Chemistry and Life and Health Sciences.

The Institute is constituted of 4 Teams well-recognized at international level in their respective fields, namely the Catalysis, Synthesis of Biomolecules and Sustainable Development Team (CSB2D), the Theoretical Chemistry and Modeling Team (TCM), the Inorganic Chemical Biology Team (ICB), and the Synthesis, Electrochemistry, Imaging & Analytical Systems for Diagnosis Team (SEISAD).

Such a combination of multiple and complementary scientific competences, ranging from modelling to medical chemistry and passing through synthesis methods, green chemistry, analytical chemistry, and diagnosis, creates an original and integrated approach for new developments in the fields of Chemistry for Life & Health Sciences, which is not only unique in PSL University but also in France, and indeed extremely competitive on the world stage.

The overall objective of this Institute is to build, within PSL University, a high-performing research unit composed by chemists working at the interface of Life & Health Sciences to provide methods and technological approaches enabling the development of new target systems. To pursue this ambitious goal two main interconnected axes are developed:

As the biological applications and evaluation of our achievements will be essentially performed through external collaborations, our goal is to enable this Institute to be at the core of an intensive network of partnerships between chemists, biologists, and medical teams within PSL University and stablish national and international collaborations.

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