Our group is currently working on three different but complementary topics, namely Inorganic Chemical Biology, Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry and Medicinal Organometallic Chemistry. All projects undertaken in our group involve the preparation, characterisation and utilisation of metal complexes for biological or medicinal purposes. Our single objective is to understand, identify and/or influence biological processes in living cells using metal-based compounds. Our research therefore lies at the interface between inorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and biology. As a consequence, our group hosts not only chemistry students but also biology students.


Anticancer, Antifungal, Antimicrobial & Antiparasitic Agents, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Bioorganometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemical Biology, Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Organometallic, Chemistry, Photodynamic Therapy.

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