Actually, the Team develops projects aimed at elaborating processes and tools for the early detection of pathological signals using chemical and analytical methodologies. The main prospections are related to: (i) new methodologies of synthesis and supported catalysis in mini – and continuous microflow reactors, synthesis of libraries of molecules as ligands of proteins, development of new radio-labelling methodologies for imaging; (ii) electrochemical sensors for biological systems and for screening biological markers, molecular materials for electroanalysis and electrocatalysis, microelectrochemical patterning of surfaces using scanning electrochemical microscopy, label-free electrochemical detection of microRNAs ; (iii) preparation of targeted optical and MR imaging agents, development of molecular magnetic resonance imaging MRI methods & functional imaging methods for the characterization and therapeutic follow-up of cancer in preclinics and (iv) characterization of new nano-supports and selective objects : peptide nanotubes, aptamers, nanobodies, design and characterization of original biocompatible nano-objects and quantitative characterization of their non-covalent interactions, development of miniaturized total analysis systems for applications ranging from environmental control to in-vitro medical diagnosis.

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