SEISAD – Pole 3

Our research focuses on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) engineering for the characterization and therapeutic follow-up of cancer or inflammatory diseases in preclinics. A specific skill remains in the use and co-development of new imaging probes. These imaging methods play a key role for biologists, chemists and physicians for early diagnosis, understanding of diseases, development of new therapies. The research benefit from a preclinical imaging facility. In particular, we offer expertise in dynamic molecular methods by preclinical MRI and optical imaging of new contrast agents in vitro and in vivo to achieve precise kinetic biodistributions of probes and drugs, image processing for the diagnosis and monitoring of the release of the drug.


Bioimaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, In vitro and In vivo, Imaging probes, MRI Methodology, Biodistribution

Research Themes

  • Bioimaging engineering
  • MRI contrast agents evaluation
  • In vitro and in vivo  MRI bioimaging
  • In vitro and In vivo MRS methodology
  • Bimodal optical and MRI bioimaging


  • Bich-Thuy DOAN | đź“ž +33 (0)1 85 78 41 60 |📧

Main Collaborations and partners

  • Paris : Nathalie MIGNET, Sorbonne Paris CitĂ©, UTCBS
  • Paris : Bernard VAN BEERS, Sorbonne Paris CitĂ©, Inserm, CRI
  • Paris : Bernold HASENKNOPF, Sorbone UniversitĂ©
  • Paris : Christine MENAGER, Sorbone UniversitĂ©
  • Paris : Peter DALKO, Isabelle MARGAILL, UniversitĂ© Paris Descartes
  • Paris : Jolanda SPADAVECCHIA, CNRS, UniversitĂ© Paris 13
  • Orsay : Benoit LARAT, CEA
  • OrlĂ©ans : Sandra MEME, CBM
  • Strasbourg : AngĂ©lique SOUR, CNRS, UniversitĂ© L. Pasteur
  • Vietnam, Hanoi : Dr. Ha, VAST
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